We recognize that the growth of every TEAM member at Ratliff not only benefits the individual, but also the entire company. We invest in professional development and on-site training for each and every employee. Our commitment ensures a seamless transition into our TEAM environment. All members of our company have a TEAM philosophy.


At Ratliff, we truly know your business. Our leadership team provides over 65 years combined experience in construction, engineering, and real estate development. Please view our bios below to learn more.

Bryan A. Robertson

As Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Robertson is responsible for the overall vision and growth of all operating companies. In 2008, Bryan started his career as President, instituting unique growth strategies to expand additional services in the construction and real estate industries. Bryan’s vision was to provide these diverse services through the creation of Ratliff Hardscape, Ratliff Development, and BARCO Development. His perseverance and long-term commitment afforded Bryan the opportunity to acquire Ratliff Hardscape in 2012, from Founder, Danny Ratliff. In addition to cultivating a long-standing customer relationship, Bryan believes the keys to success is forward planning, innovation, and project procurement. These key functions, along with Bryan’s passion for operational excellence, has redefined the way we deliver projects today.

Prior to joining Ratliff Companies in 2008, Bryan served as Vice President of Land Development for a multi-billion-dollar homebuilding company and brings over 20 years of engineering, civil construction, and real estate experience.

Bryan is a graduate from Texas Tech University, earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering, and started his career with a civil engineering firm in Dallas.

When away from the office, Bryan enjoys spending quality family time with his wife and three kids, playing golf, health fitness training, and traveling. Bryan and his wife enjoy giving back to their church community and various philanthropic cancer & children foundations.

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Bryan Robertson, C.E.O.

» Email: brobertson@ratliffco.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.535-0057

Booder McWhorter
President & C.O.O.

As President & Chief Operating Officer, Booder McWhorter is responsible for overall construction operations, estimating, project procurement and business development for Ratliff Hardscape. His tenacity and operational skills, exemplified by our continued growth, is a testament to Booder’s long-term commitment.

Prior to joining Ratliff Companies in 2008, Booder served as Land Manager for a multi-billion-dollar homebuilding company and brings over 20 years of engineering, civil construction, and real estate experience.

Booder attended Texas Tech University, Civil Engineering college, and started his career with a civil engineering firm in Dallas.

In his spare time, Booder enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids and giving back to their church community. He is an avid outdoorsman, spending most of his time hunting.

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Booder McWhorter, President & C.O.O.

» Email: bmcwhorter@ratliffco.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 817.692-3508

George Rivero



As Chief Financial Officer, George Rivero is responsible for the Corporate Services of the organization, including accounting, finance, human resources and administrative functions.

Prior to joining Ratliff Companies in 2016, George served as the C.F.O. of a prominent civil construction company in Dallas and brings over 25 years of experience managing accounting, finance, human resources, safety and information technology departments within the construction, banking, manufacturing and services industries.

George is a graduate of Louisiana State University, earned a master of science in applied economics from the University of North Texas, a master of business administration from Southern Methodist University and served seven years as an officer in the United States Army Reserve Combat Corps of Engineers.

When not glued to a computer screen, he enjoys running, exercising as part of the CG nation, traveling, and bow hunting.

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George Rivero, C.F.O.

» Email: grivero@ratliffco.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.435.4040


David Wilford
VP of Operations – Private
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David Wilford, VP of Operations – Private

» Email: dwilford@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 817.914.5865

Thomas Turner
VP of Operations – Municipal
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Thomas Turner, VP of Operations – Municipal

» Email: tturner@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 817.676.7358

Cory Roper
Project Manager
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Cory Roper, Project Manager

» Email: croper@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 903.229.2332

Brad Nash
Project Manager
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Brad Nash, Project Manager

» Email: bnash@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 940.395.1289


Brock E. Davies

Junior Estimator

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Brock E. Davies, Junior Estimator

» Email: bdavies@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 940.736.6000


Will Gould

PM of General Construction

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Will Gould, PM of General Construction

» Email: wgould@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 858.500.2118

Braxton Akins

Superintendent – General Construction

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Braxton Akins, Superintendent – General Construction

» Email: braxtonakins@sbcglobal.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.499.1625

Tony Eber

Superintendent – General Construction

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Tony Eber, Superintendent – General Construction

» Email: teber@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 970.331.6839
» Mobile: 972.436.2508


Diego Tovar

Masonry Division Manager

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Diego Tovar, Masonry Division Manager

» Email: dtovar@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.725.8339

Sotero Sanchez

Concrete Division Manager

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Sotero Sanchez, Concrete Division Manager

» Email: sotero@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.763.1999

Amos Almaguer

Field Accountant

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Amos Almaguer, Field Accountant

» Email: amos@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.650.5768

Peyton Boyles

Permit Technician

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Peyton Boyles, Permit Technician

» Email: pboyles@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.912.4979
» Fax: 972.221.9905


Edgar Tovar

Information Technology Manager

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Edgar Tovar, Information Technology Manager

» Email: Etovar@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 469.954.4271

Project Information

Lisa “Mac” McBurrows

Sr. Administrative Manager

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Lisa “Mac” McBurrows, Sr. Administrative Manager

» Email: lisa@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.869.9863

Jennifer Eber

Sr. Contract Manager

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Jennifer Eber, Sr. Contract Manager

» Email: jeber@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 970.331.6962


Javier Gamez


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Javier Gamez, Controller

» Email: jgamez@ratliffco.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.632.3312

Tracy Clark

Accounts Payable & Payroll Manager

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Tracy Clark, Accounts Payable & Payroll Manager

» Email: tclark@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508

Cynthia Sanchez

Accounting Assistant

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Cynthia Sanchez, Accounting Assistant

» Email: csanchez@ratliffhardscape.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 972.741.7891


Melanie Robertson

Director of Marketing

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Melanie Robertson, Director of Marketing

» Email: mel@ratliffco.com
» Phone: 972.436.2508
» Mobile: 214.460.4979