Masonry walls construction is the key component for longevity in most hardscape features, and is generally complemented by using brick or stone veneer material. In hardscape construction, various types of Masonry walls are being used. There are numerous designs for masonry walls construction that can be selected by the architect or client; however, the quality, durability, and cost are always a factor when considering the specific design of a project.

Concrete pier and footings are the foundation of the wall features long-lasting durability.  All projects have unique soil properties, and all structural design properties are contemplated prior to every installation. Even though brick and stone material are durable enough to withstand the elements, the structural integrity of masonry walls lie beneath the earth. From the outside looking in, even a simple brick and stone material can be a feature of their own, when combined with detailed craftsmanship, beautiful design, and quality installation. With the ability to incorporate elements such as cast stone and lighting accents, masonry walls can be incorporated to complement the look and feel of the overall community environment.

Ratliff’s masonry walls construction incorporates quality workmanship and attention to details that results in a combination of strength and style within each and every project. A cornerstone feature of Ratliff Hardscape services is masonry wall construction. Hardscape can be incorporated in many ways, in a multitude of projects, from large to small, residential to commercial, and more.